Building Couple Time Tip: New Parents:  Ease Up on Unrealistic Expectations! It’s very common for you to continue to expect you should forge ahead with your new families, not appreciating the increase in unexpected changes, child care, couple care, fatigue, increased work load, chores, etc. You may have even prided […]

New Parents: Ease up on Unrealistic Expectations!

Try a Digital Detox to Balance Work and Family Life When you’re “Building Couple Time With your Family in Mind” we feel that happy and healthy couples make for happy and healthy young children and families. This means, then, that although you’ve got a demanding boss, stressful deadlines, an annoying […]

Juggling Marriage, Young Children and Work?

  What if your job depended on one vital meeting a week that you must attend or you’ll lose your job! You would probably prioritize that meeting above everything else. No excuses! Well, it’s no different with your marriage. This is especially difficult when you have young children, you’re tired, […]

One Vital Meeting to Save Your Job and Your Marriage

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  Yes, it’s important to carve out couple time and me time, so that your young children have parents who are happy and filled up.  Trust me; your children feel your love.  This tip is about how to have fun with your whole family while staying connected as a couple. […]

Family Play Date: Feel the love and laughter with ...

  In this great blog post by my colleague and friend, Kim Bowen, LPC, founder of the Marriage Place, she shares how focusing on the positive in your marriage for 90 days can transform your marriage. Now for you couples with babies and young children, I realize you both are […]

How to Save Your Marriage in One Step

Tip #1: Acknowledge that the first 6 months to a year after baby involves major adjustments of time and energy for everyone. Both of you are probably trying hard to adjust to your new roles as new parents. Women’s necessary bonding and connecting with a baby takes up a lot […]

5 Free Marriage Tips For New Parents:

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Marriage Advice | Learning to Fight Fair Marriage Advice Learning to Fight Fair The research points out that conflict goes up and marital satisfaction goes down after the first child comes along. This tip aims to help you avoid being one of those statistics. Sure, there’s a lot more going […]

Fair fighting strategies that really work!

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When I think of organizing the lives of new parents with young children, I think of my laundry system. I remember when our kids came along. My husband and I had been together for 8 years. I was amazed how much laundry accumulates when you have babies and young children. […]

Help I’m Drowning in Laundry!

Building Couple Time Tip: Keeping Your Love Alive Make time for couple excitement, passion and sex-life, without compromising your children’s needs for routine, safety and security. Babies and children thrive on routine, in fact, it helps them to feel safe and secure. Routines such as eating at regular times, play […]

Lost that loving feeling and want to get it back?

Building Couple Time Tip: How Creating a “Date State” VS just a “Date Night” can help you feel closer than ever even in your own backyard. Many couples with young children may feel frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed with the never-ending “To Do” lists that come with a growing family. To […]

Take time for a date night right in your own ...