About Lori Collins

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Lori J. Collins, M.S., MFT (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist)

“Hello to all the individuals and couples out there who are just starting their families, or have young kids, and want to keep their marriage/relationship alive.

I am thrilled to offer these new, online, educational tips and strategies where I can coach even more couples and individuals who are wanting to keep their love alive in their marriage or relationship while starting their families.  As you apply these tips to improve your marriage, this can also translate into having a direct positive impact on you, your couple relationship, your children’s health and happiness, and overall family health.
As a mom, wife and practicing couples therapist, I appreciate what it takes to carve out couple time in the midst of navigating a full life with your marriage, children, work and individual interests.”


Lori is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with couples for over twenty-five years studied the research on the transition from couple to family and struggled with her own marriage to family transition.

Lori’s mission for this blog is to reach out to those of you who are trying to keep your love alive in your couple relationship by Building Couple Time, with your family in mind.

On a personal note, Lori has been with her husband since 1989 and has raised two children in Redwood City, California.

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